Legislators Seize on Advanced Battery Job Potential

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A new announcement by Democratic legislators is an encouraging step forward in providing an extra spark to Michigan's ever-expanding advanced battery and electric vehicle industry. We look forward to more action from Lansing on both sides of the aisle on this issue.

The proposed package of bills unveiled by Democratic State Legislators across Michigan on August 29th includes tax credits for advanced battery manufacturers, tax credits for consumers of Michigan-made electric vehicles, and incentives for the purchase and installation charging stations.

After the announcement, our Political Director, Ryan Werder, noted that “electric vehicles are breathing new life into Michigan’s automotive sector and creating thousands of good-paying, local jobs. The incentives proposed today represent some of the key actions that Michigan can take to keep the momentum going for this emerging industry. We’re pleased to see our legislators responding to the grassroots support for electric vehicles. We urge them to follow through and take action on these and other plans that will help move Michigan’s advanced battery and electric vehicle sectors forward.”

Michigan has more than 35 advanced battery companies and suppliers for battery systems and electric vehicles, the most of any state. The companies are investing more than $5.7 billion and creating 20,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Michigan LCV is proud to be part of the grassroots Built by Michigan coalition, which is calling for incentives for buying and installing electric vehicle charging stations as well as:

• A federal incentive that would allow electric vehicle buyers to receive a direct rebate instead of a tax credit;

• Support for state and other fleet vehicle purchasers to lease or buy electric vehicles; and

• Clean fuel standards that require an increasing percentage of electricity and other alternative fuels for powering vehicles within Michigan.

To take action to support this campaign and its goals, please visit www.builtbymichigan.org and sign the petition.