Congressman John Dingell Hosts Panel on "Vanishing" Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

John Dingell, Ryan Werder, Panel, Michigan, Hunting, Fishing

“Sportsmen are really one of the first lines of defense for the protection of our environment,” said Michigan Congressman John Dingell as he hosted a panel about the shrinking hunting and fishing opportunities in the state. Congressman Dingell says conserving places to hunt and fish are keys to Michigan’s quality of life.

Dingell says he’s also working on building up protected natural areas in southeast Michigan. They include a national wildlife sanctuary along the Detroit River, and the River Raisin national park in Monroe.

Ryan Werder, Political Director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters also participated in the discussion. “Connecting the very real climate change impacts on hunting and angling opportunities is the first step in getting people to begin speaking about it and taking action on it. And frankly, a lot of our legislators are sportsmen and anglers,” Werder said.

Phosphorous runoff into the Great Lakes has also been blamed for algae blooms. Research suggests warmer water makes them worse. The warmer summers also are hurting Great Lakes trout populations that need cool waters to spawn.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters was proud to participate in this panel discussion with Rep. Dingell, we are grateful for the Congressman's leadership in the Michigan sportsmen community and his continued efforts to protect our land, air and water for future generations.

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