Michigan LCV Applauds Governor's Veto

Issuing his first veto since taking office, Governor Snyder halts the passage of House Bill 4326. This bill would have prevented the Governor and the agencies he directs from establishing protections for the Great Lakes that are stricter than those at the federal level. By vetoing HB 4326, Governor Snyder takes a major step in reaffirming his dedication to protecting Michigan’s environment that was a focus of his 2010 campaign. The veto also preserves the right of future governors to enforce crucial regulations to preserve the Great Lakes, just as Governor Milliken did in the past to save Lake Erie from toxic algae blooms in 1976.

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Please also note that Michigan LCV endorsed Governor Snyder in the early 2010 primary election season in hopes of actions like this one. We are grateful for the Governor's actions today and strongly urge him to continue his stewardship of the Great Lakes by preventing similar no-stricter-than-federal language that may be attempted in future legislation.

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