Endorsement: Jon Switalski (HD 28)

Striking a clear difference between himself and his opponent on renewable energy job creation and protecting Lake St. Clair, Jon Switalski is the obvious choice in 28th District Dem Primary.

First Michigan League of Conservation Voters’ Endorsement Goes to Switalski

ANN ARBOR --- The Michigan League of Conservation Voters has issued its first endorsement of the election season to Rep. Jon Switalski (D - Warren) in his primary race against Rep. Lesia Liss (D - Warren) in the 28th District of the Michigan State House. Michigan LCV chose this race as its first endorsement due to the stark contrast that developed over the past two years on conservation issues between the candidates.

“Rep. Liss’s rapid pivot away from protecting Michigan’s Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair, and our state’s natural resources is an abrupt change of course that cannot go uncontested,” said Ryan Werder, Political Director for Michigan LCV. “Unlike Representative Liss, whose stance on conservation appears to blow with the prevailing political winds, Representative Switalski remains a strong, reliable voice for Michigan’s lakes and natural resources. The only time his votes depend on the winds is when he is voting to increase renewable energy jobs.”

Rep. Switalski’s record in the legislature is an impressive one. He championed the Complete Streets legislation of 2010, which promotes alternative transportation like bicycling and walking when re-designing roads and streets. He also promoted Michigan clean energy jobs through tax credits for Michigan-made electric vehicles and advanced battery manufacturing.

“Unlike many primary elections this season, the choice between Representatives Switalski and Liss is a clear one,” said Werder. “On issues such as mitigating wetland destruction, retaining local control of mining ordinances, protecting water quality, and preserving roadless public wilderness, Jon Switalski stood up for conservation. Lesia Liss, however, chose to vote the opposite way on each of those critical issues. We had to create a whole chart so voters could simply keep track of all the differences.”

It is the policy of Michigan LCV to issue limited endorsements in each electoral cycle, with each endorsement backed up with significant resources and the means by which to make a deep impact in the race. This is the first endorsement of the 2012 electoral cycle by Michigan LCV.

Michigan LCV is the political voice for Michigan’s Great Lakes, lands, air, and waters. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization with offices in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Royal Oak.

Conservation Contrasts - Switalski vs Liss.pdf