530,000 Signatures Submitted for 25% by '25, Next Phase of Campaign Begins

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It's official. This morning, Michigan LCV joined business leaders, unions, health officials, and bipartisan supporters in celebrating the submission of over 530,000 signatures that will put the 25% by 2025 renewable energy standard on the November ballot. In other words, Michiganders are now only one vote away from creating over 56,000 new, stable, and well-paying jobs right here in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan LCV staff and volunteers fanned out across the state to attend events in Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids, each of which featured proud business voices sharing their excitement about this initiative. Not only businesses are excited, however: Technically, to be on the ballot, only 322,000 signatures are required. The enthusiasm for this initiative, however, flew past that number and exceeded it by over 200,000 additional signatures. That momentum is only the beginning.

Over the next four months, Michigan LCV will we be reaching out to hundreds of thousands of Michigan voters to tell them about the incredible opportunity to do the following with the 25% by 2025 ballot initiative:

  • Create over 56,000 new Michigan jobs in the renewable energy sector.

  • Improve air quality to reduce spiking asthma rates and heart attacks in Michigan.

  • Attract $10 billion in new investments to Michigan.

  • Catch up to the thirty other states that are already beating us on renewable energy jobs and generation.

  • Stop sending $1.4 billion each year out of state to import dirty coal.

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For more information on today's signature drop-off, visit the official Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs site.

Photo Credit: Melissa Anders, MLive