Michigan LCV Endorses Bipartisan Group of Conservation Candidates in State Legislative Primaries

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced the endorsement of three candidates in state primary races today: State Representative Wayne Schmidt (R - Traverse City) for the 37th Senate District, State Representative Frank Foster (R - Pellston) for the 107th House District and Democratic candidate Kristy Pagan for the 21st House District. All candidates are running in competitive races that are critical for conservation issues in Michigan.

We are in serious need of strong conservation leaders in the state legislature who will turn protections for Michigan’s land, air and water into political priorities. Michigan LCV’s endorsed candidates in the primary are two proven leaders on our priority issues, and one up and coming star who can lay the groundwork for a bipartisan conservation majority in the Michigan legislature.

State Representative Wayne Schmidt is running against State Representative Greg MacMaster (R - Kewadin) for the open 37th Senate seat, and he is the clear conservation candidate in the Republican primary race. Representative Schmidt showed true leadership for Michigan’s public land by sponsoring a bill that would lift an arbitrary cap on the amount of land the state can own. Schmidt’s opponent, State Representative Greg MacMaster, took a contrary approach by proposing we gut Michigan’s Natural Resources Trust Fund, which would hamstring our state’s ability to conserve and improve the state parks and recreation areas that our families treasure and that bring visitors to Michigan.

State Representative Frank Foster is facing Republican challenger Lee Chatfield in his re-election race for the 107th House District. During the 2013 - 2014 legislative session, Foster stood up for Michigan’s clean water by introducing legislation that would put into place stronger safeguards for Michigan’s lakes, rivers and streams against fracking. As a Northern Michigan legislator, Foster understands the importance of the Great Lakes and and Michigan’s clean water to our state’s natural resources economy and its natural beauty.

Kristy Pagan is running for the open seat in the 21st House district Democratic primary race --- a seat long held by conservation leader State Representative Dian Slavens (D - Canton). It is critical that the district’s legacy of leadership on environmental issues be continued by a promising, up-and-coming voice for conservation like Kristy Pagan. Pagan has served on staff for conservation champions such as US Senator Debbie Stabenow (D - MI) and served as Finance Director for State Representative Driskell’s (D - Saline) recent defeat of anti-environment incumbent Mark Ouimet.

It is important to have decision makers in office who value Michigan’s natural resources and will work across the aisle to protect them. Who we elect matters, and there is plenty more room in Lansing for candidates who will deliver on conservation issues. Michigan LCV’s endorsed candidates can lead the way toward policies that protect the Great Lakes state for future generations.

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