Michigan LCV Endorses Mark Schauer for Governor

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced its endorsement of Mark Schauer for Governor today, citing Schauer’s long record as an advocate for Michigan’s land, air and water, and his commitment to move Michigan forward by protecting our state’s natural resources.

Over the past four years, decisions have been made that undermine the critical importance of Michigan’s natural resources to our environment and our economy. Air quality permits were weakened, threats to our Great Lakes, rivers and streams persist, and our state’s critical sand dunes were opened to development. In the Great Lakes state, there is too much at stake to miss an opportunity to elect an advocate for our land, air and water to office. Mark Schauer has an incredible track record in advancing policies that protect our natural resources while growing Michigan’s economy. We are proud to endorse Mark Schauer today because he understands that our Pure Michigan is more than just an ad campaign. It’s a way of life.

Throughout his tenure in the Michigan State Legislature, United States Congress, his professional life and as a former Michigan LCV board member, Schauer has been committed to conservation issues and has demonstrated this commitment consistently in his official capacities and public service. As Democratic Leader of the Michigan Senate, Schauer led on the passage of Michigan’s renewable energy portfolio and as a member of Congress, Schauer held Enbridge accountable for the Kalamazoo River oil spill, the worst inland oil spill in our nation’s history.

Mark Schauer has demonstrated a commitment to advancing policies that both protect our natural resources and grow Michigan’s economy. He understands that it isn’t an either-or proposition. In a state whose economy is inextricably linked to the quality of our freshwater, our farmland and our fresh air, it is imperative that we elect a governor who will fight to protect these natural resources that define our very way of life. Mark Schauer is the right choice for Michigan’s land, air and water.