Update: Michigan House of Representatives passed the Children’s Safe Products Act

In May of this year, the Michigan House of Representatives passed the Children’s Safe Products Act, which gives parents a right to know if the products they purchase for their children contain unsafe levels of any of an identified list of poisonous chemicals.The legislation stops short of banning the use of any of the identified chemicals in the manufacturing of children’s products, but requires the manufacturer to notify the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) if any of their products contain more than the legally established “safe” levels of certain chemicals. It would be the responsibility of the MDCH to make this information available to consumers so that they can make the ultimate choice of whether to expose their children to these substances. This legislation is about full disclosure and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. After passing the Michigan House of Representatives, it is now awaiting a hearing in the Senate Health Policy committee, which is chaired by Senator Tom George (R-Kalamazoo), who is a doctor and a candidate for governor. 

As part of this effort, the Michigan LCV Education Fund has partnered with the Ecology Center over the last two years to provide “toxic toy tests” around the state. These events are conducted in a town hall style and allow parents to bring in toys to be tested by a trained technician with an instrument called an XRF Analyzer. For a database of toys that have been tested and more information, please visit the Healthy Stuff website.