Press Releases

7/14/2016: Michigan League of Conservation Voters Disappointed With New Head of MDEQ

6/22/2016: Michigan LCV Endorses Abdullah Hammoud in 15th House District

6/21/2016: Michigan LCV Announces Endorsements for Candidates in State Legislative Primary Races

6/7/2016: Michigan LCV Praises Introduction of Commonsense Measures to Protect the State’s Waterways

2/25/2016: In wake of Flint Water Crisis, Gov. Snyder must appoint an MDEQ director who prioritizes human health, clean water

2/22/2016: Great Lakes leaders encouraged by binational targets for Lake Erie

2/12/2016: Michigan LCV: Report on Michigan renewable energy a call to action to increase standard

2/2/2016: Groups to Gov. Snyder: State Plan Fails to Adequately Address Harmful Algal Blooms

1/21/2016: Health professionals, Michigan LCV hail court decision to uphold Clean Power Plan

12/10/2015: House Committee on Oversight and Ethics Employs Backdoor Measure to Sustain a Plan to Limit Transparency

12/8/2015: Conservation Groups: Michigan Can do More to Protect Lake Erie, Curb Harmful Algal Blooms

10/30/2015: Michigan LCV Endorses David LaGrand in Special Election

10/9/2015: Michigan LCV: Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water is Shameful Example of State “Leadership”

9/24/2015: Michigan LCV: Nofs plan is a major step backwards

9/11/2015: Michigan LCV, East Lansing elected officials, MSU host roundtable on clean energy and climate change

9/1/2015: Michigan LCV: State strategy for Clean Power Plan a step in the right direction

8/26/2015: Nofs energy plan would increase pollution and eliminate jobs in Michigan

8/21/2015: 2015 Detroit Awards Gala Honoree Press Release

8/14/2015: Michigan LCV: Schuette effort to block Clean Power Plan shortsighted political posturing

7/29/2015: Michigan LCV: Bliss is Best Choice for Grand Rapids Mayor 

7/27/2015: Agribusiness, conservation leaders respond to Lake Erie forecast, call for all hands on deck to address harmful algae blooms

7/1/2015: Nofs Energy Plan = Higher Costs, More Pollution

6/30/2015: Michigan Radio, Grand Rapids Press, Michigan LCV to host Grand Rapids Mayoral Candidate Forum

6/29/2015: Policymakers, Wayne County residents: Time is now to increase use of clean energy

6/9/2015: Michigan LCV responds to Snyder’s Water Report

5/7/2015: Michigan LCV Slams Nesbitt Energy Plan

4/23/2015:  Michigan LCV Lauds Powering Michigan’s Future Legislation

4/15/2015: Michigan LCV Statement on House Committee on Regulatory Reform

3/13/2015: Michigan LCV Responds to Governor Snyder’s Energy Address

3/5/2015: Michigan LCV Responds to Nesbitt Energy Plan to Eliminate Investments in Clean, Renewable Energy

3/5/2015: Michigan LCV Unveils 2013 - 2014 How Green is Your Governor? Report Card, On the Environment Governor Snyder Earns a “C”

3/3/2015: Michigan LCV Applauds State Legislators for Supporting a Strong Clean Energy Plan for Michigan

2/17/2015: Michigan LCV’s 2014 Lame Duck Scorecard Holds State Legislators Accountable for Final Votes of 2013 - 2014 Legislative Session

1/20/2015: Michigan LCV Says Governor Snyder’s State of the State Address is a Call to Action for Strong Clean Energy Policy This Year

1/15/2015: Michigan LCV Calls Governor Snyder’s Veto of the Anti-Biodiversity Bill an Important Victory for Natural Resources, Scores Decision on How Green is Your Governor?

12/18/2014: Anti-Biodiversity Plan Threatens Pure Michigan Way of Life

12/16/2014: Michigan League of Conservation Voters Applauds State Senate for Passing Plan to Increase Access to Energy Efficiency Improvements for Michigan Families

12/9/2014: Plan to Gut Biodiversity Protections Puts Michigan’s Outdoors On the Line

12/8/2014: Environmental Groups Urge “NO” Vote on Bill Defining Burning Tires as Renewable Energy

12/4/2014: House-passed Hazardous Waste Plan is Dangerous, Irresponsible

12/2/2014: Plan Classifying Burning Hazardous Waste, Tires as ‘Renewable Energy’ is Step Backward

12/2/2014: Senate Energy and Technology Committee Moves Forward With Plan to Increase Access to Energy Efficiency Improvements for Michigan Families

11/4/2014: Gary Peters Wins Big for the Great Lakes

10/31/2014: New poll: Michigan voters back climate action, clean energy

10/29/2014: Under Pressure from Conservation Community, Michigan DNR Removes Hartwick Pines from Today’s Land Lease Auction

10/28/2014: Radio ad slams Ray Franz for putting Great Lakes at risk

10/22/2014: Crystal Mountain CEO, sportsmen to Franz: Climate change is a real danger to our economy, way of life

10/21/2014: Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC Launches Statewide Field Program to Elect Gary Peters and Mark Schauer 

10/16/2014: RGA Attack Ad Spews Big Polluter Lies

10/14/2014: Pat Somerville Named to LCV’s “Dirty Dozen in the States”

10/7/2014: Michigan LCV Announces Endorsements for Candidates in State Legislative Races 

10/2/2014: In Detroit, Michigan's Conservation Champions Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Protecting the Great Lakes State

9/12/2014: Michigan LCV Members Score Win for Hartwick Pines State Park

9/8/2014: Michigan LCV Announces Honorees for Second Annual Innovation in Conservation Awards Dinner

8/28/2014: Michigan LCV Endorses Mark Schauer for Governor

8/12/2014: Michigan LCV Annouces Charlotte Jameson as Policy Manager

8/8/2014: Conservation Candidates Take Home Critical Wins, Defeat Koch Brothers in Key Primary Races

7/31/2014: Environmental Groups Press State to Protect Michigan's Clean Water, Public Health from Fracking

7/29/2014: Michigan LCV Releases New Polling Numbers, Robust Radio Ad Buy in Northern Michigan Republican Primary Races

7/18/2014: Poll Shows Schmidt Poised to Take the Lead from MacMaster in Primary Race for the 37th Senate Seat 

7/11/2014: Michigan LCV Endorses Bipartisan Group of Conservation Candidates in State Legislative Primaries

7/9/2014: Michigan LCV Releases 2013 - 2014 Michigan Environmental Scorecard, State Legislature Earns Grade of Incomplete

7/3/2014: Local Control Loses Out as Michigan DEQ Approves Permit for an Oil Well in Scio Township

6/28/2014: Community Joins Michigan LCV to Open its Kalamazoo Field Office, Launch Grassroots Campaign in Support of Common Sense Limits on Air Pollution, More Clean Energy

6/28/2014: Community Joins Michigan LCV to Open its Lansing Field Office, Launch Grassroots Campaign in Support of Common Sense Limits on Air Pollution, More Clean Energy

6/28/2014: Community Joins Michigan LCV to Open its Muskegon Field Office, Launch Grassroots Campaign in Support of Common Sense Limits on Air Pollution, More Clean Energy

6/28/2014: Community Joins Michigan LCV to Open its Ypsilanti Field Office, Launch Grassroots Campaign in Support of Common Sense Limits on Air Pollution, More Clean Energy

6/13/2014: Scio Township Citizens Mark Their Territory to Stop Oil Drilling, Michigan LCV Delivers the Message

6/12/2014: Michigan House of Representatives Passes Energy Efficiency Bill, Signals Real Progress on a Great Michigan Priority

6/4/2014 House Energy and Technology Committee Votes to Make Energy Efficiency More Accessible and Affordable

6/2/2014 Proposed EPA Carbon Rules Would Accelerate Transition from Coal to Clean Energy, Michigan LCV Plans Robust Field Effort in Support

5/29/2014 Report Demonstrates Importance of Water to Michigan's Economy, Serves as Call to Action

4/14/2014 Michigan LCV Taps Erica Bloom as Policy Manager

4/1/2014 Michigan LCV Calls the DEQ's Approval of Paved Road Through Critical Sand Dunes Inexcusable, Gives Snyder Red Mark on How Green is Your Governor?

3/6/2014 Conservation groups call for vigorous prosecution in collusion case that could have cost Michigan $200 million

2/25/2014 Michigan LCV Launches Bill Tracker, Adds Tool to Accountability Suite

2/24/2014 Michigan LCV Thanks Congressman Dingell for Service and Legacy as Champion of Conservation

2/14/2014 Michigan Public Service Commission Report Confirms that Renewable Energy Standard Cuts Costs, Sparks Investment

2/11/2014 Michigan LCV Announces Delegation Scores from National LCV's 2013 National Environmental Scorecard

2/7/2014 Farm Bill Connects Conservation to Crop Production, Invests in Clean Energy and Local Food Economies

2/5/2014 Governor Snyder's Budget Recommendation Cues Up Critical Investments in Natural Resources

1/29/2014 Michigan LCV Calls on Michigan to Heed President Obama's Calls to Action on Energy, Climate Change

1/16/2014 Michigan LCV on Governor Snyder's State of the State Address

1/8/2014 Michigan DEQ to Permit Development on Critical Dune Land


12/19/2013 Gov. Snyder's Energy Plan Names Cost Savings, Environmental Impacts as Top Priorities

12/12/2013 Michigan DNR Prohibits Drilling, Protects Au Sable River's Holy Waters

11/19/2013 Michigan LCV Announces Staff Transition

11/12/2013 Business Leaders Show Legislators That Energy Efficiency Programs are Common Ground

11/4/2013 Renewable Energy Report Should Spark Legislative Action

10/29/2013 Michigan Coalition Puts Toxic Chemical Reform Top on Congress's To Do List

10/24/2013 Innovation in Conservation Debuts in Detroit Tonight

10/23/2013 Energy Efficiency Report Confirms Michigan Is Ready For Stronger Energy Standards

10/08/2013 Clear Fixes To Make Fracking Safer Warrant Action
Comments on Graham Institute's Technical Reports on Hydraulic Fracking in Michigan

9/20/2013 Governor Snyder's Report Propels Michigan Toward Stronger Renewable Energy Standard

9/17/2013 Governor Snyder Gives Green Light To Streamlined Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Investments in Natural Resources

9/5/2013 Fracking Report Is Call To Action To Protect Michigan's Clean Water

8/29/2013 Michigan LCV Debuts "Innovation in Conservation" Awards Dinner

7/25/2013 Obama Administration Makes Asian Carp A Priority

6/19/2013 Michigan Senate Approves More Funding For Conservation Officers

6/6/2013 Wetlands Overhaul Is Step Backward For Clean Water

6/6/2013 Michigan House Votes To Close Loopholes in Water Withdrawal Dispute Process

6/4/2013 Michigan LCV Applauds Senate For Moving State Budget Forward

5/28/2013 Michigan LCV Commends Budget Decisions That Prioritize Natural Resources

5/28/2013 Committee Votes To Clean Up Agricultural Water Use Disputes

5/22/2013 Wetlands Overhaul Rushed Through Senate

5/21/13 Michigan Wetlands Overhaul Moves to Senate Floor, Michigan LCV Says Bill Comes Up Short

5/10/13 EPA Names Grand River An Urban Waters Restoration Site

4/22/13 Attorney General Bill Schuette Stands Up For Michigan's Natural Resources

3/21/13 MLCV Applauds Approval of Emergency Dredging Plan

3/19/13 Deep Budget Cuts Leave Great Lakes Dry

3/14/13 Michigan's Natural Resources Trust Fund Under Attack

3/5/13 Senate Vote Guts the Endangered Species Act

2/20/13 Michigan LCV Announces Delegation Scores from LCV's 2012 National Environmental Scorecard

1/18/13 Michigan LCV Releases Gubernatorial Midterm Report Card

1/9/13 Michigan LCV Releases Scorecard for Lame Duck Session


7/12/12 Michigan Environmental Scorecard Released, Providing a Non-partisan Look at Disappointing 2011-12 Legislature


9/28/11 Congressman Walberg Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

9/28/11 Congressman Amash Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

9/28/11 Congressman Benishek Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

8/25/11 Benishek Says Oil Companies 'Pay Their Fair Share.' Unfortunately, His Anti-Environmental Voting Record Says the Same

8/24/11 Walberg, By the Numbers, One of the Worst Representatives in the Most Anti-Environmental U.S. House in History

4/7/11 Chairman Upton’s Bill to Block EPA from Protecting the Health of Michigan Families Passes the House

3/17/11 Michigan Environmental Community Releases Top Priorities through Publication and New Website

2/28/2011 Michigan LCV and National LCV Launch Radio Ad Against Representatives Upton and Walberg

2/17/2011 Michigan LCV Announces Michigan Delegation Scores from LCV’s 2010 National Environmental Scorecard

1/13/2011 Coal-burning plants: Bad business for Michigan; Democrats’ job-killer policy would hurt Michigan’s business climate, require electricity rate hikes

1/6/2011 Michigan LCV launches new accountability tool to provide a one-glance reference for voters on Snyder’s environmental record


5/5/10 New Target in the Michigan LCV online accountability and in-district program: State Representative Martin Griffin (HD-64) in Jackson

4/13/10 Next Targets Announced in Michigan LCV's Accountability Program

3/18/10 Second Target Announced in Michigan LCV’s Accountability Program

3/8/10 Michigan LCV Launches New Online Accountability & In-District Program

2/24/10 Legislators Applauded for Strengthening Clean Energy Standards, Fighting for Jobs


9/1/09 Local Clean Energy Advocates Gather at Town Hall to Discuss America’s Clean Energy Future

8/13/09 Giant Rubber Ducky Visits Traverse City to Support the Passage of the Safe Children’s Products Act

8/5/09 Activists Cheer as Biden Announces Clean Energy Investments in Detroit

7/20/09 Giant Rubber Ducky Visits Bronson Park to Support the Passage of the Safe Children’s Products Act

7/14/09 President Obama Visits Michigan to Talk About America’s Energy Future

6/24/09 League of Conservation Voters Puts the Pressure on Energy Vote

5/13/09 Representatives Abandon Campaign Promises

4/29/09 Global Warming Deniers Spreading Lies in Michigan