Track How Elected Officials Vote

These days, it seems that everyone claims to be “going green.” It’s very easy to say you support clean energy, fresh food, clean water and open space. However, good intentions are worthless without action.

Michigan LCV provides the resources you need to learn who really cares about the environment at every level of state government - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial - and to hold them accountable for their actions.

Executive - How Green Is Your Governor?

We track the actions of Gov. Snyder, his administration, and the statewide departments he directs, as decisions are made on issues that are vital to re-energizing our economy, protecting our environment and moving Michigan forward.

To learn How Green Your Governor was in 2013-2014 click here >>

Legislative - Michigan Environmental Scorecard

Curious which legislators are voting to protect Michigan's environment and who isn't?  The Michigan Environmental Scorecard tracks the voting records for critical legislation that affects our environment.

To learn how your legislators voted in 2013-2014, click here >>

Judicial - Green Gavels

Green Gavels is Michigan LCV's new judicial accountability tool, helping Michigan citizens understand the impact our elected justices have on the protection of our land, air, water and wildlife.

To learn about the most recent decisions of the Michigan Supreme Court, check out Green Gavels right here >>