Increase Penalties for AIS Introduction

Bill Number: 
SB 795
Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes
Desired Vote: 

SB 795 increases the penalties for bringing an illegal aquatic invasive species (AIS) into Michigan waters. It would increase prison time from up to two years in prison to up to three and increase the fine from up to $20,000 to up to $100,000. Also adds in a requirement that any vehicle, equipment or property used in a criminal violation involving an aquatic species can be seized. In addition, it allows the courts to order any commercial fishing license suspended for one year and adds non-native insects to the list of species that are prohibited from being introduced into the state.

SB 795 is part of a bill package, SB 795 - 799. SB 796-799 are tie-barred to SB 795 meaning that they cannot pass a chamber or become law unless SB 795 does. Descriptions of SB 796-799 are below: 

SB 796 gives the new sentencing guidelines for bringing in a prohibited AIS as explained in SB 795.

SB 797 includes "forefeiture of property" in relation to prohibited AIS in the statutory definition of "crime."

SB 798 addresses specific procedures for AIS violations involving non-passenger commercial vehicles.

SB 799 provides suspension procedures for revoking commercial fishing licenses.